The Hotmail Sign-In Page Does Not Display

by Jack Gerard

Originally created as "HoTMaiL" in 1996 by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith, Microsoft's Windows Live Hotmail service is one of the oldest and most-used free email services available. Despite upgrades and improvements to the Hotmail service, errors sometimes occur when users try to access their accounts. Occasionally, users attempting to log in to their Hotmail accounts encounter problems that cause the sign-in page to simply not appear.

Display Problems

When an error occurs that causes the Hotmail sign-in page to not appear there is typically no indication as to what the cause of the problem was. A blank white page is displayed in your Internet browser with the page loading status listed as "Done" in your browser's status display area. There are several possible causes for this error, and depending on the cause you may encounter the problem again if you attempt to reload the page.

Connection Issues

Hotmail connection issues can occur with your computer's connection to the Internet or on the server side when attempting to connect to a Hotmail server. If a connection problem occurs on the server side, you should be able to connect to Hotmail if you try connecting again at a later time. If the connection problem occurs with your computer's connection, you may need to reset your computer's Internet hardware, reboot the computer or contact your Internet service provider.

Browser Problems

Problems with your Internet browser can cause the Hotmail sign-in page to appear blank as well. This problem can occur when using a browser that does not have JavaScript or Flash installed, using a browser that is not supported by Hotmail or using an out-of-date browser. You can correct these issues by enabling JavaScript or creating an exception in your script-blocking plugin if you have one installed, installing Flash player and updating your browser. You may also try connecting to Hotmail using a different browser that is already up-to-date.

Microsoft Product Issues

As the Hotmail service is a Microsoft product, the Hotmail website has traditionally been coded for compatibility with Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser. Users attempting to access the Hotmail website using browsers other than IE may experience compatibility problems including the appearance of a blank screen instead of the Hotmail sign-in page. This does not mean that Internet Explorer users never encounter problems with the Hotmail website, of course; Windows Vista users occasionally reported Hotmail problems after upgrading to new versions of Internet Explorer, although browser updates released since then have corrected some of these problems.

Other Causes

Hotmail connection problems can also be the result of random interference or other problems that cause the page data to be lost or corrupted. An older version of the site may attempt to load from your browser cache instead of the current version, and other outdated data may cause problems with the rendering of new data. You may be able to correct your Hotmail display problem by holding the "Ctrl" key and pressing "F5" to refresh and redownload the page data, or by clearing the data cache and history of your browser before attempting to connect to Hotmail again.

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