How to Get Hotmail Contacts

by Erika Dean

If you want to get contacts for your Hotmail account, there are two main options for doing so. You can add someone to your contacts list or you can import contacts by uploading a CSV file. It is useful to add contacts to Hotmail so you won't have to type in a friend's email address every time you send email.

Log in to your Hotmail account. You will be taken to an overview of your email account.

Look to the menu at the left of the Hotmail screen; click the "Contact list" link located at the bottom of the menu. A list of your Hotmail contacts will open. You can add and edit your contacts here.

Click the "New" button located over your contacts list.

Enter the details of a contact you want to add to Hotmail, including the contact's email address and name. After you add the information, click "Save" to add the contact to your account. Click "New" to continue adding contacts.

Click the "Manage" button located in the menu over the contacts list and select "Import" from the drop-down menu. If you downloaded a CSV file of contacts from another email service, such as Yahoo or Outlook, you can add the contacts to your Hotmail account here.

Click "Browse" to search for and select the CSV file. After you find the file, click "Open."

Click "Import Contacts" to add the contacts to Hotmail. The contacts will appear in your contacts list.


  • check If you need to get a CSV file to import contacts, go to your contacts list in your old email account. You should see the option to export your contacts as a CSV file.

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