How to Host Your Blog Using Godaddy

by Contributor

How to Host Your Blog Using Godaddy. There are many blogging software programs available on the Internet, but GoDaddy offers anyone who purchases a domain name through them the opportunity to use their own blogging software for a monthly fee. Go Daddy's blogging package, called Quick Blog, lets even inexperienced users create a blog relatively quickly and easily.

Determine Your Goals


Read GoDaddy's Quick Blog page to better understand what your blog will be capable of (see Resources below). They offer Remote Blogging as well as custom templates and image uploading options. You also have the option to host multiple blogs with multiple authors.


Consider using a Google AdSense account to make money alongside your blog. GoDaddy allows this feature with Quick Blog.


Set aside 1 hour to get started on your GoDaddy blog. Although it takes just minutes to set up an account, choosing design features can tack on a lot of time.

Set Up Your Blog Account


Start at the homepage for GoDaddy.


Choose "Hosting and Services." A specific menu will drop down.


Click on "Quick Blog" to find the information about GoDaddy blogs.


Choose between two, 12 and 24-month host packages by marking the circle with a click. Then hit the "Add to Cart" icon.


Browse additional options on the page provided. To skip all options, simply hit the orange "Continue" button.


Review your shopping cart and select payment option. GoDaddy accepts credit cards, PayPal, gift certificates and even checks.

Use Your Blog


Import any information you have through a previous blog to your Quick Blog account.


Regulate comments and trackbacks through your GoDaddy "Manage" pages.


Customize the components of your Sidebar to make designing your blog a simple task. Using this option helps you single out the tools you will use frequently.

Items you will need