How to Get Free Horoscopes Sent to My Cell Phone

By Palmer Owyoung

Getting your horoscope on your phone is convenient.
i scorpio sign image by Tomislav from

Daily horoscopes are usually featured by newspapers around the world.  Many people check their daily horoscopes every morning along with the day's headlines while drinking coffee and eating breakfast.  However, if you don't have the time to do this you can skip the newspaper and you can get your horoscopes sent directly to your cell phone for free.

Find a website service that offers free horoscopes sent directly to your cell phone.  A few sites to consider are Frengo and Astrology.  You can also subscribe to sites such as Astrolis that offer to send horoscopes to your email address which will then be redirected to your cell phone (see Resources). Either way, you will still receive free horoscopes on a regular basis, depending on your chosen service.

Register with your chosen website, if required.  Most online horoscope services such as will only require you to provide information such as your zodiac sign and your mobile number.  If you are registering with a service that only sends their horoscopes via email, then you can provide an email that will forward to you as a text message. Do this by entering your number in an email address format using the email gateway provided by your cell phone service provider.  For example if your number is 1234567 and you are an AT&T customer, you can use the email in the field provided for your email address.  For an index of available gateways for different countries, go to Mutube (see Resources).

Read the terms and conditions along with your chosen service's privacy policy.  This will help you make sure that the service is free and no hidden fees are present and that your cell phone number or email address will not be shared or sold to others through external transactions.

Click "Subscribe" and wait for your regular horoscopes by SMS.