How to Get Your Horoscope Sent to Your Phone

By Danielle Fernandez

Start your day with a horoscope delivered to your mobile phone.
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There are numerous ways to get your horoscope delivered to your mobile device or smartphone, often for free. With a horoscope subscription service, for example, you will receive regularly updated horoscopes sent via email or text message. A horoscope app, on the other hand, displays your forecast whenever you launch the app. You can even opt to get your horoscope to appear every day in your Facebook, Twitter or other social media news feed.

Web-Based Subscription Service

If you prefer to receive content via email or text message, there are a variety of horoscope subscription services that will use those methods to send you a daily horoscope. You can sign up for these services on the Web. Submit your birth date and your email address to Astrocenter or, for example, and select your forecast preference -- options include a free daily horoscope, love outlook or tarot reading. AstroSage, on the other hand, sends your free horoscope, dainik rashiphal and daily prediction via SMS (short message service, or text message), with subscriptions initiated on the site or from your mobile phone.

Mobile Apps

You use apps to play games, read your email and keep up with your favorite television shows -- and if you're seeking a daily or weekly horoscope as well, there's an app for that. The Horoscope app, for example, displays complete horoscopes -- for today, tomorrow, the week, the month and the year -- and is available for Android and iOS devices. If you prefer a non-astrological forecast, try the Numerology app for a prediction based on numbers or the Tarot Reading app for a daily personalized card reading.


Similar to a horoscope app installed on your mobile device, you can use the Daily Horoscope Facebook app -- which is essentially "installed" to your Facebook profile -- to receive your daily forecast. Use your computer browser to log into your Facebook account and enter "Daily Horoscope" in the search bar at the top of any page. Select the Daily Horoscope app and approve access to your profile. Then, simply launch Facebook Mobile on your mobile device to read your horoscope as it is posted both to your wall and your Facebook news feed.


Twitter hosts a handful of profiles for each astrological sign, which means you can get at least a single daily 140-character dose of astrological insights -- often more frequent updates. Search for and follow the sign whose horoscope you wish to receive -- a search for "Leo Horoscopes," for example, produces a handful of profiles promising to deliver daily projections for individuals born between July 23 and August 22. Profiles like Daily Horoscopes and Xstrology, on the other hand, provide you with a quick overview of all of the day's forecasts, with a link to a more comprehensive Web-based reading.

Additional Considerations

Take care when registering with a horoscope service. Be sure to read all terms and conditions. If the service does not explicitly state that it is free to use, you may end up surprised at the end of the service provider's billing cycle to find that you have incurred fees for your subscription. Be especially wary of services that function over text or multimedia messaging, as they can be more difficult to control.