How to Hook Your Wii Classic Controller to Your Computer

by James T Wood
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The Nintendo Wii uses Bluetooth transmitters in the remotes (Wiimotes) to provide wireless connectivity between the console and the controllers. The Wiimotes can be connected to a Wii Classic Controller which closely mimics the size and design of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (Super NES) controllers. In this configuration, the Classic Controller uses the Wiimote as a Bluetooth transmitter. Any computer with a compatible Bluetooth transmitter can be paired with a Wiimote. However, the pairing requires special software to interpret the Wii commands into something the computer can interpret.

Step 1

Click "Start" then "Control Panel" then click "Bluetooth Devices." Click "Add" on your computer and hold down the "1" and "2" buttons simultaneously on the Wiimote. On the computer put a check in the box labeled: "My Device is Set up and Ready to Be Found" and click "Next." Select the Nintendo device that appears and click "Next." Don't enter a passkey. Click "Next." If you are successful, the three lights on the Wiimote will flash. (reference 2)

Step 2

Download the GlovePIE software. Double-click on the downloaded file to open the ZIP folder. Double-click on "GlovePIE.exe" to open the software. Click "File" then "Open" and select "TestWiimote.pie." Then click "Run." Push the directional pad buttons on the Wiimote. If the connection is working correctly the toolbar will reflect the button presses you're entering into the controller.

Step 3

Connect the Classic Controller to the Wiimote through the plug in the bottom of the Wiimote. You may need to remove the rubber sleeve from the Wiimote to access the plug. Press the buttons on the Classic Controller and look at the toolbar in GlovePIE. The changes should be recorded there. If not, you may need to pair the Wiimote with your computer again.

Open a game or program that you want to use with the Controller Classic.


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