How to Hook Up a VCR to a TV for Recording with a Camera

by James Clark

Connecting a VCR to a TV and camera will allow you to monitor the action while recording. The hookups require a standard pair of audio/video cables with RCA-type plugs. In a few steps, you can set up a surveillance system and make recordings of everything that falls within range of your viewfinder.

Step 1

Plug the audio/video cables into the video camera using the red plug for the right audio jack, the white plug for the left audio jack and the yellow plug for the video jack. If the camera records only mono audio and thus has a single audio jack, use the white plug.

Step 2

Connect the other ends of the cable to the TV's input jacks using the same color codes. TVs often have three or more sets of input jacks, so note which you use.

Step 3

Plug the second set of cables into the TV's output jacks.

Step 4

Connect the other ends on the second set of cables to the input jacks on the back of the VCR.

Step 5

Plug the electrical cords for the equipment into a surge protector and plug the strip into an outlet.

Turn on the camera and use the the TV remote control to set the input for the camera connection. If the camera cables are connected to Input 1 on the TV, press the "Input" button on the remote until "Input 1" appears on the TV screen.


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