How to Hook Up an S-Video Cable to a Samsung HDTV

by William Pullman

Super-video, or S-Video, is a video connection option found on camcorders, VCRs, DVD players and similar peripheral home entertainment equipment. S-Video is a step up in quality over composite video connections, but picture quality is worse when compared to a component or HDMI video connection. Samsung included an S-Video connector on earlier HDTV models, but many of their new HDTV televisions do not support an S-Video connection.

Step 1

Locate the "S-Video" connector on the back of the Samsung HDTV.

Step 2

Line up the pins of the S-Video cable connector with the holes in the "S-Video" jack and plug the cable into the television.

Connect the other end of the S-Video cable to the peripheral device you are connecting to the television.


  • S-Video does not transmit an audio signal. You need to connect audio wires from the peripheral device to the "Audio" jacks on the television to hear sound with the video.

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