How to Hook Up Surround on a Toshiba LCD

By Steve Lander

Your Toshiba TV can output surround sound audio to your receiver.
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With a little bit of help, Toshiba LCD TVs can serve as the cornerstone of a home entertainment system. Their large high-definition screens display realistic video images, but their small built-in stereo speakers cannot create a surround sound effect as effectively as a full-fledged surround sound audio system with a receiver or processor and multiple speakers. Because of this, Toshiba includes optical digital outputs that allow you to send the audio from their TVs to a surround sound processor.

Step 1

Turn your Toshiba TV and your home theater receiver off by pressing their "Power" buttons. Unplug both devices from their wall outputs.

Step 2

Insert a TOSlink optical digital cable into the "Digital Audio Out" port on your TV's back panel. The connector is shaped similarly to a capital "D" and will only go in when it is correctly oriented. As you insert it, it will push the spring-loaded cover over the port out of the way. You should feel a slight click when you insert it all of the way.

Step 3

Insert the other end of the cable into an optical digital input on your home theater receiver. It will connect the same way as in the TV.

Step 4

Connect speakers to your home theater receiver if you have not done so already. Insert the two ends of a speaker cable into the terminals on your receiver, then insert the other end of the cable into the terminals on the speaker. It is important that you keep the polarities the same by inserting the same wire into the same color-coded terminal on both sides. Repeat this process for each of the speakers in your surround sound system.

Step 5

Unplug your subwoofer from its wall outlet.

Step 6

Insert a single phono plug cable's connector into your receiver's "Sub Out," "Bass Out" or "Subwoofer Out" terminal. Insert the other end of the cable into your subwoofer's "Audio Input," "Line Level Input," or other similarly named output with a phono jack.

Step 7

Plug every component back into the wall.

Step 8

Press the "Power" button on your Toshiba TV and receiver to turn both components back on.

Step 9

Use your receiver's input selector to activate the input to which you connected your Toshiba TV.