How to Hook Up Speakers to My MP3 Player

by Roger Mock
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While the MP3 player is often pictured with accompanying headphones, sometimes a user just wants to play their funky music, loud and proud. To do this, one only needs the right set of speakers. Speakers with a 3.5 mm TRS connector, such as you generally see on headphones, can connect to a MP3 player without additional hardware. Speakers with an auxiliary input port can be connected using a 3.5 mm TRS cable with two male ends. Other speakers, such as those with RCA cables, require an adapter.

Step 1

Make sure the speakers have a power source, whether it is a power outlet or batteries. The MP3 player cannot power the speakers.

Step 2

Connect the speakers to the MP3 player. Plug the 3.5 mm TRS cable into the MP3 player's headphone jack. If you are using an adapter, connect the speaker's cables to the adapter and then place the TRS end in the headphone jack.

Play the music through the speakers by pressing "Play" on the MP3 player. Make sure the speakers are on and the volume is turned up on both the player and the speakers.


  • Make sure the volume on the MP3 player is down before turning on the speakers to avoid an assault of sudden loudness.


  • Some MP3 players are compatible with docking stations that have built-in speakers.

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