How to Hook Up Your Sony Blu-ray Player

By Quinn Marshall

A Sony Blu-Ray player is similar to other Blu-Ray players on the market, and you can connect it to any TV that offers either component, s-video or HDMI video-in ports; only an HDTV with HDMI will allow you to experience the full quality of Blu-Ray video, however. An HDMI cable is the most common way to connect a Blu-Ray player to a TV, but other options are available for those who can't afford one, or who own an older television.

Step 1

Clear a place on your entertainment system for the player. Place it on a flat surface in a location with adequate air flow. Plug its power cable into a surge protector or wall outlet. Press the power button to turn it on.

Step 2

Determine the type of cable you are going to use to connect the player to your television. Look at the back of the Sony Blu-Ray player; you should see an HDMI port, an s-video port and three composite ports. Look at the back of your TV and note the types of cable connections it can receive. A modern HDTV should have all three types of ports, but an older TV may only have composite video support. Determine what video cables came with the Sony player; most players don't include an HDMI cable, but one may have been included in the package with the player if you purchased a bundle special, for example.

Step 3

Plug the video cable into the corresponding cable port on the back of the Blu-Ray player; for example, plug an HDMI cable into the HDMI port. Plug the opposite end into the corresponding port on the back of your TV. Be sure to choose the "video-in" port, not "video-out."

Step 4

Connect an audio cable if necessary. Composite video cables include a wire for audio, and don't require a separate cable. A s-video connection, however, requires an audio cable, which should have come with the player. Connect one end to the "audio-out" port on the back of the player, and the other end to the "audio-in" port on your TV.

Change your TV to the video mode that the Blu-Ray player is connected to. Press the "Mode" button on the TV's remote or button panel until you see the Blu-Ray's menu screen.