How to Hook Up a Slingbox

by Contributor

How far has television come from the days of 3 channels and no remote? Look no farther than the Slingbox which allows a person to view their television from anywhere at anytime. All that is needed is a high speed Internet connection and a computer.

Connect the Slingbox to the video source. Whatever source supplies the cable programming, connect the Slingbox to that device (DVR, satellite box or cable box). Use the connector cable that is included with the Slingbox.

Plug the infrared emitter connector into the designated slingbox port and position the opposite end in front of the cable box's infrared emitter. This is how the channels are changed remotely. Slingbox has thousands of cable boxes pre-programmed but sometimes not all devices or buttons will work through Slingbox. (see resources for assistance)

Join the Slingbox to an ethernet outlet using the ethernet cable supplied by Slingbox. If there is an available Ethernet wall outlet then connect the Slingbox directly to the wall outlet. An Ethernet router will also work as a connection. If all else fails Slingbox has a device that turns an electrical outlet into a useable Internet port. (see resources for a link)

Find an available eletrical outlet to plug the slingbox into. Now the Slingbox is hooked up and ready to go.

Configure the software for the Slingbox. Insert the software that came with the Slingbox into the CD drive of the computer. Follow the steps on the setup wizard. Once the software locates the connection it will list the available cable boxes for setup. Select the cable box from the list. The software will notify the user if there are problems. A digital program guide will appear on the screen if everything is connected correctly. If the program guide does not appear please check all connections.