How to Hook Up a Second Sony CD Player

By Kammy Pow

Multiple Sony CD units can be daisy-chained together to function as an integrated unit.
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If you own multiple Sony CD players that can hold 5, 50, 200 or 300 discs and contain CONTROL A1 or CONTROL A1-II jacks, you can daisy-chain them together to expand your audio storage capabilities. The CONTROL A1-II connections allow the two components to communicate with each other as an integrated unit and function automatically using a single, mega CD changer that controls the two through the proper command mode

CD Player Requirements

To daisy-chain the units together, both CD players must have a CONTROL A1 or CONTROL A1-II jack, although certain functions may be limited if one player has the older CONTROL A1 jack and another the newer CONTROL A1-II jack. In addition, a monaural (2P) mini-plug cable measuring less than two meters long and without resistance must be purchased separately to connect the units CONTROL jacks together.

Hook Up the First Player

Power off all components. Using the audio cable that comes with the first player, connect the white end of the audio cord to the "Analog Output (L)" plug on the first CD player and the other white end to the "Audio Input (L)" plug on the amplifier. Do the same with the red ends, connecting one to the "Analog Output (R)" and the other to the "Audio input (R)" plugs.

Connect the Second Player

Use the audio cable supplied with the second CD unit and attach one end to the "Analog Output" plugs of the second player. Take the other end of the audio cable and connect the corresponding colored ends to the "2nd CD IN" plug of the first CD player. Attach the monaural mini-plug to each end of the players' CONTROL A1 or CONTROL A1-II jacks. Set the command mode of the first player to "CD1" or "CD2" and the command mode of the second player to "CD3." Lastly, connect the power plugs of the CD players and the amplifier to an AC outlet.

Controlling Both Players

You can get the most control from both units using the Sony mega remote controller. To operate the first player, press the "MEGA CONTROL" button on the remote until the "MEGA CONTROL" on the first player's goes off. To control the second player, press the "MEGA CONTROL" button the remote until the first player's display reads "MEGA CONTROL" and "2nd DETECTED." If you press the "Play" button on the first unit, the second unit will stop playing. Likewise, if you press the "Play" button on the second unit, the first will stop playing.