How to Hook Up a Remote Wire to the Sony Xplod

By Steve Lander

You need a flat-head screwdriver to connect the remote lead.
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Sony's Xplod line of car electronics includes CD and radio head units, subwoofers and external amplifiers. One of the connections that they offer is a remote terminal. The remote terminal on a head unit sends an electrical signal that can trigger accessory devices like power amplifiers to turn themselves on. This trigger signal makes sure that all of the additional devices that a car stereo needs are on when the system is on and turned off when the main system unit gets turned off.

Step 1

Connect a lead to your Xplod head unit's "Remote" terminal. It could be a separate terminal, or it could be a jack located on a larger wiring harness. While you can choose any color you want, remote wires are frequently either solid blue or striped blue and white.

Step 2

Route the remote wire to your Xplod amplifier. While there are a number of different ways that you can route it, one good choice is to simply run it along with the audio interconnect wires that connect the head unit to the amplifier

Step 3

Trim any extra wire length once you finish routing it to the amplifier. Remember to leave enough extra wire to make the connection, though.

Step 4

Connect the remote wire to your Xplod amp's "Remote" terminal by unscrewing the screw that secures the terminal, sliding the wire under it and tightening the screw. For an extra secure connection, crimp a lug onto the wire, then screw the lug in place. This will prevent it from slipping out during the bumps and vibrations of day-to-day driving.