How to Hook Up a Panasonic SB Subwoofer

By Andrew Tennyson

Subwoofers are smaller than main speakers large enough to produce the same bass.
i svedoliver/iStock/Getty Images

Many contemporary mainstream audio speakers lack the bass response necessary to accurately reproduce audio as it was intended to be heard. Hooking up a Panasonic SB series subwoofer to your stereo receiver or television can dramatically expand the device's bass response, bringing a deeper and fuller low-end to your listening environment.

Step 1

Attach the provided rubber feet to the bottom of the Panasonic SB subwoofer.

Step 2

Position the subwoofer appropriately within the room in which you intend to use it.

Step 3

Connect the included monaural connection cable from the subwoofer output on your receiver or TV to the input jack on the rear of the subwoofer.

Step 4

Connect the included power cord from the rear of the subwoofer to an available electrical socket.

Step 5

Press the "Power" button on the subwoofer.

Step 6

Play audio through the receiver or turn on your television to begin sending an audio signal to the subwoofer.

Step 7

Adjust the "Low Pass Filter," "Volume" and "Phase" controls on the rear of the subwoofer to suit your taste and environment.