How to Hook Up a Panasonic SB Subwoofer

by Andrew Tennyson
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Many contemporary mainstream audio speakers lack the bass response necessary to accurately reproduce audio as it was intended to be heard. Hooking up a Panasonic SB series subwoofer to your stereo receiver or television can dramatically expand the device's bass response, bringing a deeper and fuller low-end to your listening environment.

Step 1

Attach the provided rubber feet to the bottom of the Panasonic SB subwoofer.

Step 2

Position the subwoofer appropriately within the room in which you intend to use it.

Step 3

Connect the included monaural connection cable from the subwoofer output on your receiver or TV to the input jack on the rear of the subwoofer.

Step 4

Connect the included power cord from the rear of the subwoofer to an available electrical socket.

Step 5

Press the "Power" button on the subwoofer.

Step 6

Play audio through the receiver or turn on your television to begin sending an audio signal to the subwoofer.

Adjust the "Low Pass Filter," "Volume" and "Phase" controls on the rear of the subwoofer to suit your taste and environment.


  • Information in this article applies to the Panasonic SB-WA100 Active Subwoofer system. It may vary slightly or significantly with other versions or products.


  • Panasonic warns against attaching its SB subwoofers to walls or ceilings. The company also warns against placing the device in direct sunlight, near heating appliances or in locations with high humidity.

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