How to Hook Up a Microphone to a PC

by Contributor

In order to sing karaoke via PC or sit around and record your own voice for various reasons, you need to have a microphone plugged into the computer. Once you get the equipment, setting it up on your computer is a breeze. Here is how to hook up a microphone to a PC.

Turn your computer on. Be sure that the speakers on your computer are turned on as well.

Attach the adaptor to the microphone cable, if it has not been done already.

Find your computer's microphone input. On most PCs, there will be an area in back of the tower with red, blue and green plug-in ports. The red port is the one for microphones.

Plug the microphone cable into the red port. If you see ports that are labeled "line-in" and "mic-in," be sure to plug the microphone into the port that says "mic-in."

Double-click the small speaker icon on your computer to open up the mixer. Make sure the microphone column is not muted and adjust your volume until you are satisfied.


  • check If using a laptop computer, there may only be two jacks. Hopefully, they'll be color coded (green and red). Plug the microphone into the red port on a portable PC as well.
  • check If the hook-ups are not color-coded, look for a diagram or just go by trial and error. After all, there are only three possible ports to choose from.