How to Hook Up a Kindle to Your Computer

by Melissa King

Your Amazon Kindle device enables you to read the latest novels, non-fiction books, newspapers and magazines in a convenient, take-anywhere digital format. You can purchase new content for the Kindle on the Amazon website. Once you've purchased content, you need to connect the Kindle to your computer to transfer the files to your device.

Step 1

Connect the small end of a USB cable to the micro-USB port on the bottom of the Kindle device.

Step 2

Insert the other end of the USB cable into your computer's USB port. The computer automatically recognizes the Kindle.

Step 3

Click the Start button, then click "Computer." Double-click the Kindle icon.

Step 4

Drag and drop downloaded files into the Documents folder in the Kindle window.

Step 5

Click the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon in the bottom-right corner of the system tray. Click on the Kindle to safely eject it from the computer.

Disconnect the Kindle from the computer.


  • To download Kindle content to your computer, log in to the Manage Your Kindle page on Amazon and find the content in the All Items section. Click "Actions" next to the title and click "Download & transfer via USB." Select your Kindle device, then click "Download." If you haven't purchased the title, select "Buy now with 1-Click." Click "Save" and choose to save the title to your desktop.

Items you will need

  • USB cable

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