How to Hook Up a JVC Stereo Receiver

by Greyson Ferguson
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JVC stereo systems have two speakers that disconnect from the receiver, allowing you to spread out the audio throughout your home. It is even possible to connect outside devices, such as televisions or DVD players if you want to run the audio through the twin speakers. Connection only takes a few minutes, and when complete you may begin listening to all of your music and movies through the JVC stereo speaker system.

Step 1

Run the twin wires from the back of each speaker to the rear of the JVC stereo receiver.

Step 2

Insert the wires into either the "Right" or "Left" speaker port connection (depending on the location of the speaker). Once the wires are in the connection ports, press down on the plastic locks located next to each connection. This holds the wires of the JVC speakers in place.

Step 3

Plug the red and white RCA audio cables into the "Audio Out" ports of the device you want to send the audio signal from (like your TV and cable receiver).

Connect the opposite ends of the cables into the "Audio In" ports on the JVC stereo system. Power on the JVC system and press "AUX." The audio from the connected device now runs out through the connected speakers.


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