How to Hook Up JVC Speakers

By Greyson Ferguson

Connect JVC speakers to an audio receiver by using the proper inputs.
i speaker image by Byron Moore from

JVC is a Japanese electronics company that produces a variety of products, including audio receivers and speakers. JVC speakers typically connect to a receiver system through two wires running out the rear of the device. These wires function exactly as RCA red and white audio cables; however, the wires are cheaper to produce, and you can easily cut them to adjust for length.

Position the JVC speakers in the location from which you want sound to emanate. Because the speakers are not yet attached to an audio receiver, you can place them anywhere you wish.

Run the two wires from the back of a speaker to the audio receiver. These wires are going to be red and black, or red and white.

Look at the rear of the audio receiver. There are many different speaker connection ports, all of which are marked with a direction (i.e., front left, rear right and center). The positions correspond to the location of the JVC speakers. Match the correct speaker port with the position of the speaker.

Insert the colored wires running from the JVC speaker into the matching colored audio connection ports.

Push up on the small levers to the side of the speaker connection ports. These levers tighten around the inserted wire, securing the wire connection. Once you have the wires locked into place you can begin using the JVC speakers.