How to Hook Up an HDTV With Dish Network

By James Clark

Use the HDMI jack on the back of your high-definition TV set for digital picture and sound.
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Digital satellite television from Dish Network transmits through an AV receiver that unscrambles the signal to a high-definition TV (HDTV). Both the Dish Network receiver and the HDTV are equipped with a connection jack known as High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) that can send or receive digital video and audio through one cable. This gives you the highest-quality signal available for viewing satellite programming.

Press the power button on the Dish Network receiver and the HDTV to turn off both components.

Turn the connector on one end of the HDMI cable so the wider edge is on top and push the connector into the port on the back of the Dish Network receiver. The port is to the right of center on the receiver, near the bottom and is labeled "HDMI."

Insert the plug on the other end of the cable into a port on the rear of the HDTV, which may have more than one HDMI port.

Turn on the HDTV and press the source-selection button on the remote control until the TV displays the signal from the Dish Network receiver.