How to Hook Up an HDMI Cable to a TV

by Randall Shatto

An HDMI cable is a digital video cord for high definition picture quality. This carries a digital signal, which means that the picture quality will be as good as the type of TV or monitor that you have. It transfers high-resolution signals from a Blu-ray player to your TV. In addition, it transmits HD quality pictures to a HD TV from your cable box or game console. Even some computers can use a HDMI cable for a higher resolution. The HDMI cable is capable of carrying resolutions of 720p, 1080i and 1080p or higher.

Purchase an HDMI digital cord. You can purchase these from online retailers or local stores. They cost approximately $20 in retail stores, however, you may be able to locate a less expensive cord if you shop online.

Hook the HDMI cable into the device that you want to receive HD picture quality from. This includes gaming consoles, Blu-ray players and a cable or DVR box. Locate the "HDMI" slot on the device. This is usually located on the back of the machine.

Locate the "HDMI" port on your TV. You must own an HD TV to have an "HDMI" slot. This can either be found on the side or back of the TV, depending on the style you currently own. Plug the cord into your TV.

Turn your TV to the "HDMI" input channel. Then turn on the device that the "HDMI" cable is coming from.


  • close HDMI cords are the same. They will only produce a digital signal that your TV can handle. This means, that you should not buy an overly expensive cord, because they all work the same way. There are companies that sell HDMI cables for hundreds of dollars. However, a $20 cable is just as effective.

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