How to Hook Up a Graphic Equalizer to a Preamp

by James Clark
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A preamp processes signals from audio components, then passes them along to a power amplifier that drives the speaker system. An equalizer connected to a preamp allows the user to adjust the sound across a broad spectrum of audio frequencies to suit individual tastes, typically by setting individual slide controls on the equalizer. Connecting the two components takes less than a minute with a standard set of audio cables

Step 1

Insert the plugs on one end of the audio cables into the "OUT to EQ" jacks on the back of the preamp, using the white plug for the left audio jack and the red plug for the right audio jack.

Step 2

Connect the plugs on the other end to the set of input jacks on the preamp labeled "EQ Loop" or similar wording, depending on the preamp model. Use the same white and red color codes to match plugs with jacks.

Step 3

Connect a second set of audio cables from the preamp's "Out to Amplifier" jacks to the power amplifier's Input jacks.

Connect the electrical cords on the components to a surge protector power strip and plug the power strip into a wall outlet.


  • Unplug the electronics from the electricity while hooking up components to prevent a short circuit from accidentally crossed cable connections.


  • Press the "Bypass" button on the preamp EQ loop to connect the preamp directly with the amplifier. Press the button again to connect the preamp to the equalizer for adjusting the audio.


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