How to Hook Up Elmo to the Smart Board

By Scott Cimarusti

SMART Boards and ELMO document cameras are useful presentation tools -- especially when used in combination.
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SMART Board displays and software and ELMO document cameras offer increased flexibility when giving presentations in educational and business settings. SMART Boards allow users to draw or make notations on a large display using the color-coded "markers" as if it were a virtual blackboard. ELMO document cameras offer the capability to project onto a screen three-dimensional objects, slides, photographic negatives, or other physical media. Using an ELMO and a SMART Board together requires a little advanced preparation.

Step 1

Power on both the SMART Board display and the ELMO document camera.

Step 2

Connect the ELMO document camera to the SMART Board display via a VGA/RGB cable.

Step 3

Select the menu on the ELMO and use the up and down arrows to scroll down to "USB Mode." Then click the right arrow to display "Mass Storage/Application" and use the down arrow to highlight "Application." Select "Application" mode by pressing the "Menu" button, then press "Menu" again to clear the menu from the screen.

Step 4

Install the ImageMate software that came on an accompanying disc with the ELMO document camera, or download it from the Internet. Once the software is finished installing, proceed to Step 5.

Step 5

Connect the ELMO to your PC with the provided USB cable. The "New Hardware" wizard should automatically start on your PC and automatically install the necessary ELMO drivers.

Step 6

Start the ImageMate software and press the play button on the tool bar. You should then see an image from the ELMO on the SMART Board. Pick up one of the pens from the SMART Board pen tray and use it to draw or make notations. When you return the pen to the tray and touch the SMART Board, it will give you the option to save your notations.