How to Hook Up a DaVinci Theater System

by Greyson Ferguson

A DaVinci home theater system is designed to work with just about any audio/video device, including a television, DVD player or cable/satellite receiver. Although many stores that sell the DaVinci equipment provide home installation, it is far cheaper to hook up and perform the installment yourself. Doing so allows you to work on your own time and not pay any additional setup fees associated with this service.

Step 1

Place two speakers of the DaVinci home theater system to the left and right of the speaker. Plug the wires running out of the speakers into the "Front Left" and "Front Right" speaker connection ports.

Step 2

Set a single speaker directly underneath the television. This is the center channel. Plug the wires from the speaker into the "Center" connection port.

Step 3

Position the final two speakers directly behind the seating area. Insert the wires into the "Rear Left" and "Rear Right" speakers ports on the receiver.

Insert the digital optical audio cable into the "Digital Out" port on the audio/video device you want connected to the DaVinci theater system. Plug the free end into one of the "Digital In" ports on the receiver. Power on the equipment and you are ready to begin using the receiver with the connected equipment.


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