How to Hook Up a Bluetooth to a Straight Talk LG

by William Pullman

The LG Straight Talk is a prepaid cell phone option for people who don't want to commit to a long-term contract for cellular service. The Straight Talk has many of the same features as other cell phones, including Bluetooth compatibility. To use a Bluetooth device with your Straight Talk cell phone, you must hook up or "pair" the device with your phone.


Press the left soft key under the word "Menu" on the main screen to access the main menu on your Straight Talk phone. The soft keys are located to the left and right of the "Up" arrow button and are imprinted with a "-" symbol. They perform the operations indicated on the screen just above them.


Push the navigation buttons to highlight "Settings" and then press the center "Select" key, which is located in the middle of the four navigation buttons. The "Settings" menu will appear on the screen.


Select "Bluetooth." Then, select "Power." A window labeled "Power" will open on the screen with a check mark next to "Off." Push the "Up" navigation button and then the center "Select" button to choose "On." You cannot connect a Bluetooth device to your Straight Talk phone with the power set to "Off."


Open the "Bluetooth" menu again and select "Paired Devices."


Turn on the Bluetooth device that you want to connect to the LG Straight Talk and place it in pairing mode. Each device has a different procedure for entering pairing mode. On some Bluetooth devices, you need to press and hold the "Action" button until the indicator light shows that the device is in pairing mode.


Press the left soft key under the word "Search" and select "New Search." A list of available Bluetooth devices will appear on the screen. The name of your device will be listed here.


Highlight the name of your Bluetooth device using the directional buttons. Press the center Select" button and the prompt "Enter Passcode" will appear on the screen.


Enter the numbers of your passcode on the Straight Talk's numeric keypad and press the "Up" arrow button, under "OK." The default passcode for most Bluetooth devices is "0000."


Select "Yes" when prompted to connect to the device you just paired with the LG Straight Talk.


Push the "PWR/End" button to return to the home screen.

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