How to Hook Up Bluetooth Headphones to an iPod Nano

By Marie Cartwright

Turn on your Bluetooth, and your iPod can do so much more.

The iPod Nano is more portable than its larger iPod cousins, but it still comes with long earbud wires that can become unwieldy. Bluetooth headphones utilize wireless technology to give you the same listening experience, but without the wires. Various models of Bluetooth headphones have been designed just for the iPod. These headphones come with a Bluetooth adapter that connects directly to the iPod. Given the small size of the Nano, you will need to purchase a Bluetooth adapter specifically designed for this model of iPod.

Step 1

Fully charge your headphones and the Bluetooth adapter using the included charging dock. Since this is the first time you will be using your new headphones, it may take an hour or two to charge them. Most models of headphones and adapters will have a green light that turns on when they are ready to be used.

Step 2

Make sure that the adapter, the headset and your iPod are turned off. Turn the headset onto "pairing mode." This is the mode in which the adapter and headset are able to detect one another. Depending on your model of headphones, there should be a button or switch to enable this mode. When the lights on both the headset and adapter blink in sync, they are correctly paired together.

Step 3

Insert the Bluetooth adapter into the headphone jack on the iPod. Turn on your iPod. Place the headset over your ears. Select a song and push the Play button to ensure that your headset is functioning correctly.