How to Hook Up an Antenna Amplifier and Splitter

By Bryan Clark

Rooftop antenna.
i antenna 2 image by Madrider from

Hooking up an antenna amplifier is a great way to get weak television channels to come in more clearly. With the digital conversion, most antenna amplifiers are now used for HDTV purposes, but no matter what your reason, it's a simple install that takes just a few minutes of your time.

Plug the coaxial cable which runs from the antenna into the "coaxial in" port on the amplifier.

Plug one end of a section of coaxial cable into the "coaxial out" port of the amplifier and the other end into the "antenna in" port of the power inverter.

Screw a small section of wire into the "television out" port of the power inverter and plug the other side of that wire into your splitter. Depending on the splitter, you'll have a one in four out configuration or a one in two out configuration. Plug the wire running from the inverter into the side that has the least number of ports, or the one that says "in."

Screw the coaxial cable into the coaxial input on the back of the television. Plug the other end of the cable into the "out" port on the splitter.

Plug the inverter into the wall. Your final configuration should look like this: antenna - amplifier - inverter - splitter - television, with the antenna first and the television last.