How to Hook Up a Phillips Home Theater System to HDTV

By Robert Vaux

Philips home theater systems are designed to hook up to a television through a number of different possible outlets. The array of choices makes the system compatible with a wide array of televisions, but it can prove confusing for those who aren't familiar with the different types of cables involved. High definition televisions provide additional challenges because they, too, have a variety of cable options. Once you know the difference between cables, however, you can hook a Phillips home theater system to an HDTV easily.

Examine the cable outlets in the back of your Phillips home theater system, then those in the back of your HDTV. Note that many of them are similar in size, shape and color coding. To hook your home theater system up successfully, you simply need to match identical cable jacks, then connect them with the proper cable.

Check the HDTV and home theater system for a thin rectangular cable jack. This is the high definition multimedia interface (HDMI) jack. Phillips home theater systems usually label this interface "HDMI" or "HDMI Output." It is the best cable for use with an HDTV because it provides the most advanced picture quality possible. If both your TV and your home theater system feature it, use it to hook up the two components.

Look for an S-video or component video hook up on both the HDTV and the Phillips home theater system. If an HDMI hook up isn't possible, these are the next best video hooks ups. They provide decent picture quality and are able to make at least partial use of high definition clarity. The S-video jack is large and round. The Phillips home theater systems usually label it "S-Video" and place it under a "Video Out" title, along with a few different types of jacks. Component video jacks are a cluster of three jacks color coded red (Pr), blue (Pb), and green (Y). Phillips similarly clusters them under the "Video Out" label.

Check for a yellow RCA jack in the back of both the HDTV and the home theater system. It will be the same size as the component video jacks and may be grouped with a pair of other jacks--one colored white and one colored red--on your TV. (The Phillips home theater system will likely group it under "Video Out" along with the S-video connection.) This is the least attractive option for hooking up your TV. It provides a clear picture, but the sharpness won't be nearly as strong as the other video options.

Connect the HDTV and the Phillips home theater system using the best cable option available. Plug the cable into the "Out" jacks on the home theater system and the "In" or "In From Antenna" jacks on your HDTV.

Turn on the HDTV and set it to the input jack hooked up to your home theater system, then watch television as normal.