How to Hook Up a Cable Modem & Router

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It can be an expensive process for a cable company to come out and hook up a cable modem and router so you can enjoy a wireless network in your home. While it may take some patience, there is no reason that you can't do it yourself, skip the middleman and save some money in the process. Most cable modems and routers come with very simple graphical steps to help you along, too.


Disconnect the computer that is plugged into your current cable modem. Do this by following the cords from the existing cable modem to your computer and carefully removing the connected cord.


Hook up the modem to the cable connection that you have in your home. Follow the cable cord that is coming out of your wall and connect that cord to your cable modem.


Install the WiFi PCI adapter cards in your computer so it can find the wireless router to give you wireless service in your home if you want wireless service. You'll have to take the covering off your computer to do this, and there should be instructions as to exactly where the card(s) should go in your computer to get a reading on the router. Screw the WiFi PCI adapter cards securely in place in your computer and return the cover to your computer. The input jacks should appear in the back of your computer.


Take the modem and router, and connect them using the wire that was provided upon purchase. There typically is only one spot that each end of this wire will fit into both your modem and your router.


Test out your computer and see if you are getting a connection. Restart each computer, as well. You will likely have to refresh the computers now hooked up for them to read the new programs and cards installed.

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