How to Hook Up a Cable Box With a TV & Stereo Amp

By James Clark

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A cable box provides subscription television programming for enjoyment on a TV. When the television is also connected to audio equipment such as a stereo amplifier, a few basic connections can be made to add the cable box into the system so programming can be enjoyed in stereo or surround sound, depending on the amplifier and number of attached speakers. Standard audio/video cables are the only equipment needed for the connection.

Step 1

Connect the white, red and yellow plugs on a set of composite cables to the color-matching audio and video OUT jacks on the cable box. If the jacks are not color-coded, attach the white plug to the left audio channel and the red plug to the right, then insert the yellow plug in the video jack.

Step 2

Insert the other ends of the cable into a free set of AV inputs on the amplifier, using the same color codes to match plugs to jacks.

Step 3

Plug a second set of composite cables into the AV OUTPUT jack on the amplifier. If the amp has more than one set of outputs, make a note of which input will be used.

Step 4

Connect the other ends to a set of AV inputs on the back of the TV. Most TV sets are equipped with at least three sets of inputs for connecting components.

Step 5

Dial the selector knob on the amp or use the remote control to choose the set of jacks connecting the cable box and adjust the volume to the desired level.