How to Hook Up the Aux Audio on the Radio in a Ford F-150

by Stephen Lilley

The factory stereo in a Ford F-150 pickup truck has a small circular input on the face labeled "Aux." This is an auxiliary audio input, which allows you to connect devices like portable CD players or MP3 players to your car stereo using an auxiliary cable. Buying the cable is actually the hard part of this process--actually hooking up the auxiliary input on the stereo to a device can be done in seconds.


Plug either end (it doesn't matter which) of an auxiliary cable into the headphone input jack on the device you'd like to connect to the car stereo in your Ford F-150.


Plug the opposite end of this same auxiliary cable into the auxiliary input on the face of your Ford F-150's car stereo.


Turn on your Ford F-150's car stereo.


Press the "Aux" button on the front of your Ford F-150's car stereo. This will switch from the "Radio" input over to the "Aux" input. Now, any audio that you play on your external device will be heard over the car speakers.

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