How to Hook an Antenna Up for a Panasonic Radio

By Nick Davis

Portable radios receive and interpret sound waves sent through the air.
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Whether listening to your favorite news talk shows or your preferred genre of music, your Panasonic radio includes both AM and FM bands to accommodate your tastes. Certain models also include CD players. Like other radio brands, your Panasonic radio includes ports for connecting separate AM and FM antennas. The antennas retrieve radio signals and relay the signals through the radio automatically. The antennas are included with your Panasonic radio and do not require separate power supplies, nor do the components require any special tools or add-ons.

Step 1

Turn your Panasonic radio around so the back of the radio is facing you. Unplug the radio if it is plugged into an electrical outlet. Locate the wording “AM Ant” and “FM Ant” on the back of the radio.

Step 2

Remove the vinyl-covered tips from the AM antenna's wires. The tips are on the end of the wires and they twist off. Stand the AM antenna up on its base on top of your Panasonic radio or on a table or other surface.

Step 3

Press up on one of the swing connectors under the “AM Ant” heading. Slide one of the antenna's wires into the connector. Press up on the other swing connector under the “AM Ant” heading. Slide the antenna's other wire into the connector.

Step 4

Attach the FM antenna, extend wire and tape the antenna to a wall or other flat surface but not directly on your radio. Attaching the antenna onto your radio can cause interference and stations to not come in clearly.

Step 5

Plug the FM antenna's coaxial connector into the port under the “FM Ant” heading. The connector snaps into the port. Plug in your radio's electrical cable and turn on the radio.