How to Find Homes for Rent in the Country

By Matt Browning

Whether you want to rent a property in the country for a holiday, vacation of a season, or as a second home, finding a place is relatively simple. You can rely on local and national resources and, by doing research, you'll find plenty of possibilities.

Use resources provided by the National Association of Realtors to find rental properties or real estate agents in a specific area who show rental properties. The National Association of Realtors web site offers you an opportunity to search for rental homes or Realtors by city, state or ZIP code.

Checking national directories of real estate agents on sites such as National Home Search. Directories such as this one allow you to search for real estate agents by state and county, providing contact information for local agents.

Check community resources such as Craigslist for the community closest to the area of the country in which you would like to rent a home. Craigslist features community-based advertisements for rental homes across the country. Although it may take some time to search through the local listings, it is a much more grassroots option.

Look for homes by searching for either town websites or local newspaper classified ads, either in print or online. Town or community websites often list local real estate agents and sometimes list homes for sale or rent.