Homemade High-Gain Digital TV Antenna

By Divyania Agarwal

A high-gain digital TV antenna pulls in broadcast signals from a single direction, resulting in increased performance. TV stations broadcast digital TV in two bands: very high frequency (RF channels 7 to 13) and ultra high frequency (RF channels 14 to 51). Installing a homemade high-gain digital TV antenna offers better access to these channels than a traditional aluminum antenna.


A high-gain digital TV antenna allows you to receive free high-definition broadcasts from stations in your area. You can make one easily in very little time.

Antenna Composition

To build your own digital antenna, you need one 3-inch by 20-inch piece of wood, six metal coat hangers, 10 flat-head screws, a 24-inch piece of pipe and some copper wire. You'll have to purchase only one item from an electronics store: a 75- to 300-ohm transformer.


The reception quality of homemade high-gain digital TV antennas varies because of interference from local broadcasting channels and communication devices including mobile phones and walkie-talkies. Use of this type of antenna with an analog TV requires a digital-to-analog converter box.