Is the Homeguard 200 a GPS Unit?

By Andrew Tennyson

The Homeguard 200 is a monitoring device often used to keep tabs on criminals.
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Although it can track people in a manner similar to a global positioning system (GPS) device, the technology used in a Homeguard 200 unit is not the same as that used in a GPS device.


Global positioning system devices use satellites to pinpoint and track the location of an object. The GPS unit, or transponder, sends a signal to as many as three satellites simultaneously, and these three signals together are used to triangulate the location of the object.

Function - Homeguard 200

The Homeguard 200 tracks an individual by way of a transponder, usually attached to the person's ankle. It is used primarily when someone is under house arrest. The radio signal beamed from the person's ankle is received by a "receiver" connected to the individual's phone line. Information received by the receiver is sent over the phone line to a monitoring application which can be viewed over the Internet by whoever is responsible for tracking the person wearing the transponder.


The device features dual tamper detection and dual internal antennas. The transmitter itself has a 12-month battery life. The restrictions placed on the individual wearing the transmitter or transponder can be changed remotely by the person doing the tracking.