How to Hire an Outdoor TV Antenna Installer

by Contributor

You may not have cable television in your area, or if you have a satellite dish, you may not have the option of receiving your local channel feeds. If you're in this situation, you can opt to use an outdoor TV antenna, but you need to hire someone to have it installed for your use.

Ask your family, friends and neighbors for recommendations. You can clearly see an outdoor TV antenna on your acquaintances' homes, so they may be able to offer you the name of the individual or company, as well as inform you of the process to install a TV antenna.

Look in your phone book. You may be able to locate a TV antenna installer by referencing "Antennas" in your local Yellow Pages, or by doing a search for "TV antenna installer" on the Yellow Pages website using your zip code.

Contact TV antenna installers. Receive quotes or estimates concerning the price of installing your TV antenna. Ask each contractor the process concerning installation--time it will take, number of workers it will take, how it's to be installed, as well as where it's to be installed. Also make certain that contractors you're considering have the proper bonding and insurance coverage.

Check business references. After narrowing down the selection of your TV antenna installer, contact your local Chamber of Commerce and Better Business Bureau. Also ask for references from the contractor from previous work performed.

Choose your TV antenna installer. Relay any special requests that you have concerning the installation, and receive in writing the final work product sheet stating warranties and guarantees of the work done.

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