How to Reset a High-Speed Internet Modem with a Wireless Router

by Charlotte Mission

High-speed Internet modems allow you to connect wireless routers so you can share the internet connection with numerous devices. Sometimes, the Internet connection is interrupted, and the interruption is the result of a glitch by your Internet provider. When service is interrupted, you must reset the modem and the wireless router to re-establish the connection.


Turn off all computers, laptops and video game consoles that are using the Internet connection through the modem and router. Unplug the power cords from the modem and the wireless router.


Wait 30 seconds and plug the power cord into the modem. The modem will start up and the indicator lights will begin to flicker. Wait for the lights to remain steady.


Plug the power cord into the wireless router. The indicator lights will flicker as it establishes a connection to the modem. When the lights are steady, the Internet connection is reset.


Turn on the computers that are using the router. Allow each one to boot to the desktop. The computers will automatically connect to the Internet unless you have disabled that feature. If you have, click on the four step-like bars in the task bar menu at the bottom of the screen. Click "Connect" to establish the computer's Internet connection.


Turn on the other devices, such as video game consoles, that are also using the wireless router. Each one will automatically establish a connection.

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