How to Highlight a Touch Screen

by Robert Schrader
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Whether you use an Apple iPod Touch or iPhone, an HP Touchsmart PC or any other touch screen device, it takes time to learn how to perform procedures that you're used to perform with a mouse by using your finger. Practice highlighting words and phrases using a touch screen to master one of the most fundamental skills of using a touch screen computer or mobile device.

Step 1

Hover your right index finger over a block of text until you locate the word or phrase you want to highlight. Tap the index finger in the space immediately after the last word of the phrase until a cursor appears.

Step 2

Keep the index finger pressed onto the screen. Place your thumb next to it and drag the thumb leftward across the screen.

Remove both fingers from the screen once the word or phrase is highlighted. Tap the "Cut" or "Copy" buttons to copy the word or phrase to the device's clipboard for later use, or tap "Paste" to replace it with something you've already cut or copied.


  • If you feel more comfortable using your left hand, tap your left index finger before the first word of a phrase you wish to highlight, then drag your left thumb rightward until it reaches the end of the word or phrase and release both fingers.


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