How to Find Highlight & Text Color in Yahoo! Email

By Christina Shaffer

The highlighter feature allows you to apply color to your text's background.
i Hemera Technologies/ Images

Yahoo! Mail is a popular webmail service that allows you to create a free Yahoo! email account. In addition to composing and sending emails, you can also customize the text in your email, including highlighting certain words and changing the color of your text. If you're a new Yahoo! Mail member, the process of applying different effects can be frustrating. To alter your text, you can utilize the Yahoo! Mail toolbar, which includes the "Text Color" and "Highlight Color" buttons.

Go to Yahoo! Mail and sign in to your email account.

Click the "New" button to compose a new email. You will notice a variety of font options on the toolbar.

Click the "Text Color" button to change the color of your text. The "Text Color" icon is the "T" icon that is located to the right of the "Underline" button. After clicking the button, you can select one of the available colors.

Click the "Highlight Color" toolbar button to highlight text in your email. The "Highlight Color" icon is located to the right of the "Text Color" button and is indicated by a small picture of a highlighter pen.