How to Highlight in Indesign

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If you're longing for an old-fangled yellow highlighter marker option that lets you place emphasis on text in an InDesign document, the software has a feature and style to help you achieve this look. Highlighting text comes in handy if you want to underscore a word, line or paragraph in your document. This technique simulates the look of a transparent line of color on top of the type.

Step 1

Open an InDesign document that contains text with you want to work. Click the "Selection" tool in the Toolbar. Click on the text box, then triple-click on the line or lines of specific text you want to emphasize with the highlighter effect.

Step 2

Select "Window," then scroll down to "Control" to bring up the Control Panel. Press "ALT+Click" on the "Underline" button. The "Underline Options" dialog box will open.

Check the box next to "Underline On," then select a text weight, offset value and color for your highlight. Click the drill-down dialog box next to "Tint" to select the transparency value. Click "OK."


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