How High to Install a TV Antenna

By Adrian Grahams

TV antennas should be mounted high enough to get a clear view of the transmitter.
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Television antennas need a clear, unobstructed view toward the TV transmitter to pick up strong signals, so it's important to site your antenna high enough above ground level to achieve this.


Always position the antenna high enough to clear nearby obstructions, such as buildings and trees. In most cases, a rooftop TV antenna securely mounted and attached to the eaves of your house will receive a strong enough signal to ensure your television picture is clear and stable.


If you don't have a clear line of sight to the TV transmitter from your rooftop, you might need a longer mast to raise the height of the antenna, but never install an antenna more than 6 feet above the mounting bracket. Another option in poor signal areas, or to receive distant TV stations, is a "long-range" or amplified antenna to improve reception.


In some isolated locations, or screened from TV transmitters by hills or mountains, you might need an amplified antenna raised to a considerable height to stand any chance of receiving digital terrestrial television signals. In this case, it's worth considering alternatives such as cable television or digital satellite television, because the cost of installing a TV tower or antenna mast with guy wires can be considerable by comparison.