How to Hide Your IP for Anonymous Email

By Andrew Schrader

Use Tormail to anonymize your IP address.
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Although you may think you are anonymous on the Internet, you can almost always be tracked by your IP address. This string of numbers is used to identify each computer connected to the Internet, and can give away your location and identity. You may want an anonymous email address for giving to people or websites you do not trust. Fortunately, there are several email services that protect your online identity by anonymizing your IP address.


According to its home page, Tor is a free piece of software that relays your web traffic all around the world (see Resources). Tor protects anonymity by allowing you to use it as a proxy; that is, it filters your traffic through its servers, preventing websites from determining your location or identity. It also prevents others watching your Internet connection from seeing what sites you visit. You can use Tor to help protect your identity while sending anonymous emails, not only to protect your identity from the receiver of your emails, but for anonymity from your browser and Internet service provider.

AnonEmail offers a free email service called AnonEmail that sends emails directly from its home page. Providing full anonymity between the sender and receiver, AnonEmail requires no account to set up, and no personal identifying information, like an email address, to send email. Its basic service is free; however, AnonEmail also offers a paid service for adding encryption to your emails. AnonEmail gives no guarantee of anonymity from your Internet service provider or from someone watching your Internet connection.

Anonymous Speech

Anonymous Speech takes a number of measures to secure users' anonymity and intellectual property contained within emails. Not only does Anonymous Speech allow its users to delete any data sent through its servers, it deletes all files after five days to protect against those who might compromise user information. Its servers move around the world, but always outside of the United States and European Union to avoid certain requirements for handing over user information. As a bonus, it employs encryption for all usernames and passwords, so other users cannot decrypt login information.

Silent Sender

Silent Sender is another option if you do not want to sign up for an anonymous email account. You can send anonymous email and check its delivery status by entering the recipient's email address in the proper field, typing your message and entering a CAPTCHA. You can even pick up a response to your anonymous email from Silent Sender's home page by entering the unique message number you received when you sent the email. Silent Sender offers anonymity for the sender of the email; however, it will cooperate with law enforcement requests if you use the site for malicious activity.