How to Hide My IP Address While Downloading

by Herman Cruz

Internet service providers and websites where you have downloaded music, videos as well as any other type of files or software, can trace you by accessing your IP address (Internet protocol address), which is like your online fingerprint. A viable way to hide your IP address while performing a download, is to use an anonymous proxy, which is a website that connects you to other websites through its server, and hides your IP address in the process to keep you anonymous.

Step 1

Visit the Cyberchromium.tk website to hide your IP address while downloading any file from a website (see Resources). Cyberchromium.tk is a free-to-use proxy site that will enable you to access any web destination anonymously by hiding your real IP address behind its server; therefore, your identity and personal data will be kept secure and private. With Cyberchromium.tk you are also able to bypass any type of Internet restrictions stemming from the network you utilize to access the Internet. To hide your IP address while downloading, access the website that provides the files or software you want to download through the Cyberchromium.tk proxy site. To do this, simply enter the URL of the website in the text box at the bottom of the Cyberchromium.tk page and click the "Go!" tab.

Step 2

Go to the Safety Hide proxy site to conceal your IP address when downloading anything from the Internet (see Resources). Safety Hide is a cost-free proxy that lets you browse the Net anonymously by concealing your IP address behind its server. Aside of protecting your privacy, Safety Hide also provides its service to Internet users dealing with Internet filters hindering their browsing freedom at work, school or any other type of network. To use Safety Hide and conceal your IP address while performing a download, navigate to the website providing the download through the Safety Hide proxy site. This is accomplished by entering the website's URL in the text field at the bottom of the Safety Hide page and then clicking on the tab that says "Go!".

Navigate to the Untraceme.info website and use its service to mask your IP address when downloading files, software or freeware from any site (see Resources). Untraceme.info is a free and user friendly proxy site that keeps you anonymous by masking your IP address when you surf the Internet. With this proxy you also have the ability to bypass Internet blocks established on any network, plus it protects you from attacks such as viruses and malware. To hide your IP address when downloading from the Internet, enter the URL of the site where you will be performing a download in the text bar placed at the bottom of the Untraceme.info page and click on the "Go" button to navigate to the download site anonymously.


  • There are various anonymous proxy sites that can help you hide your IP address while downloading. To access more anonymous proxies, visit the TopBits site. (See Resources.)

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