How to Hide Your Facebook Profile From People Searching for You on Facebook

By Lara Webster

Restricting the number of people who find you on Facebook stops unwanted friend requests. Use the site's privacy settings to stop nonfriends from locating you and to block specific users from seeing that you exist anywhere on Facebook. No one is notified when you alter your search result settings or block an individual on Facebook.


Log in to Facebook. Hide your profile in searches conducted by people who are not on your friend list by clicking on the "Account" link on any Facebook screen and then selecting "Privacy Settings." Click on the "View Settings" link in the "Connecting on Facebook" section. Click the "Edit Settings" button next to "Search for you on Facebook." In the pop-up window that appears, choose "Friends" from the drop-down menu to allow only your Facebook friends to find you through a Facebook search.


Facebook does not allow you to hide yourself in searches conducted by people who are on your friend list. Because people who are your friends can always locate you via the friend list on their own profile, there would be no purpose in hiding yourself from those users in search results. If you want to stop a person who is currently on your friend list, unfriend her and then change your Facebook search settings to "Friends" or block her.

Blocking Users

Anytime you block a user on Facebook, you automatically disappear from her search results on the site. Even if your privacy standard for Facebook searches is "Everyone," a blocked user is unable to find you using the Facebook search engine. To block a user, go to her profile and click the "Report/Block This Person" link in the left column of her profile page.


Even if you stop nonfriends from locating you in Facebook search, those people may still find you on Facebook. If, for instance, you have a mutual friend, she may still see your comments on the mutual friend's profile. The only way to guarantee that someone cannot find you anywhere on Facebook is to block her.