How to Hide Email Recipients From Each Other in Lotus Notes

By Tricia Goss

You can figuratively blind your recipients to others' information using Bcc.
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If you want to send an email message to multiple recipients but don't want them to see one another's contact information, you can use the "Bcc" field. An abbreviation for "Blind Carbon Copy," using the Bcc field on an email allows you to send the exact message to multiple people without displaying email addresses. In Lotus Notes, you only need to know where to find the Bcc field to hide the recipients of your email.

Step 1

Start Lotus Notes, click "New" above the message list and select "Message" in the drop-down list.

Step 2

Type the email addresses to which you want to send the message into the "Bcc" field. Select people or groups from your contact list or directory by clicking the "Bcc" label and choosing the addresses you want to use.

Step 3

Type a subject into the "Subject" field and create your message. Add attachments if desired, and then click "Send." Each recipient will only see his or her email address in the "Bcc" line when they receive the message.