How to Hide Calls on an iPhone (6 Steps)

By Steve Gregory

Your iPhone has many security and privacy features that are built in to the Apple mobile operating system. You can take advantage of these features to hide the call log on your phone and prevent people who receive your calls from seeing your phone number on their caller ID. These features are especially useful if you regularly lend your phone to other people. The utilities that control these features are accessible via the Settings and Phone menus.

Delete Call History

Step 1

Tap the Phone icon. If you don't see the Phone icon, press the "Home" button at the bottom of the device to go back to the Home screen. If you still don't see the Phone icon, swipe your finger left or right through the screens until you find it.

Step 2

Tap "Recents" to open the list of recent incoming and outgoing calls.

Tap "Edit," then tap "Clear," then tap "Clear All Recents." The list of recent calls automatically clears.

Hide Your Phone Number

Step 1

Tap the "Settings" icon. Navigate to the icon if it isn't on the Home screen.

Step 2

Scroll down the window and tap "Phone."

Tap "Show My Caller ID" to open the "Show My Caller ID" window, then tap the "ON/OFF" switch to the OFF position. If your iPhone does not have the "Show My Caller ID" option, it is because your wireless carrier has not enabled the feature on your device. You need to either contact your wireless carrier to activate it, or enable the feature through your online wireless account. For example, if your wireless carrier is Verizon Wireless, log in to your My Verizon online account and click the "My Plan" tab. Click "Add/Change Features" and select the "Caller ID Blocking" check box. Click "Next" to complete the process and prevent anyone from viewing your number.