How to View a Hidden Camera on Your TV

by Stephen A. Powell
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Placing a hidden camera somewhere in your home or workplace can allow you to observe certain actions and events to which you would not otherwise have access. After installing your camera in a hidden location and running its video output cable back toward your television, you will need to decide on an input channel. Once you have chosen an input port on your television, you will be able to view your hidden camera's video at any time.

Step 1

Set up the hidden camera in your desired location. Run the hidden camera's video cable back to your television so that the cable is not conspicuous.

Step 2

Insert your hidden camera's RCA video output cable into one of your television's available video input ports. Connect the hidden camera's cable to a yellow RCA input jack, as this is the video component. Remember the input port's name---such as "Input 2," "Aux" or "Component"---you will need to turn your television's mode to view it.

Step 3

Turn the television on.

Change the television's input mode to whichever mode you have connected the hidden camera's video output cable---such as "Input 3," "Aux" or "Component." Your hidden camera's video will display on the television's screen.


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