How to Hear a Twitter Tweet on a Phone

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Version five of the Apple iOS operating system integrates Twitter with the system software and allows you to send Twitter messages, or tweets, from within many different apps. iOS 5 also brings a new sound effect: an audible bird tweet that plays whenever you send a message. To enable the audible tweets, install the official iOS Twitter app, configure the sound settings, then send a Twitter message with the integrated Tweet screen.

Twitter Installation and Configuration

Step 1

Tap “Settings,” then tap “Twitter.”

Step 2

Tap “Install Now.”

Step 3

Read the privacy and user agreement and tap “Download and Install.” The Twitter app will download and install.

Step 4

Enter your Twitter login information in the “Username” and “Password” boxes. If you don’t have a Twitter account, tap “Create New Account” and sign up for one.

Tap “Sign In.”

Sound Configuration

Step 1

Tap “Sounds.”

Step 2

Tap “Tweet” and select “Tweet.”

Step 3

Tap the “Settings” tab twice to save your changes and exit the settings menu.

Step 4

Push the Ring/Silent mode switch to Ring mode.

Press the volume buttons on the side of the device to set the volume to an audible level.

Send a Tweet

Step 1

Launch a Twitter-compatible app. Twitter-compatible apps include the Safari browser, YouTube and the Photos app, among others.

Step 2

Tap the app menu icon and tap “Tweet.” The Tweet screen will appear.

Enter your Twitter message and press “Send.” A tweet sound effect will play whenever you send a tweet.


  • If you've had enough of the tweet sound, disable the sound in the "Sound" panel of the "Settings" screen.


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