How to Get HDTV Programming to Your TV

by Tiffany Garden

Your cable or satellite television company may not always include high-definition programming packages in your programming packages. You need the HDTV service added to your plan, and the HD cable or satellite box connected to your television. Not all television channels are available in HD, but you still have access to standard definition channels through an HDTV box.


Call your local cable and satellite companies or visit their websites. Check for HD programming availability for your current package or in your area. Ask about any new customer specials if you do not currently have television programming in your house. You may be able to get your HD programming added to your package for no additional charge.


Purchase or upgrade your service package through the website or the customer support line.


Schedule a HD box installation in your home. If you purchased cable high definition television, the installer brings in a HD cable box and hooks it up to your television. If you are a new satellite customer, the installer needs to hook up your dish and a set top box. Otherwise, he just switches out the box currently attached to your television.


Turn on your television and press the "Guide" button. Scroll through the list of channels. Each cable and satellite company has its own channel order, but typically the SD channels are listed first and the HD channels start in the 100 to 200 range. You will have two copies of some channels, identical except for the picture quality.


  • check If you do not think your picture quality looks high-definition when you're watching a HD channel, you may need to change the cables connecting the box to your television to component or HDMI cables.

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