What Is 1080p HDMI Upconversion?

By Joey Perez

What Is 1080p HDMI Upconversion?
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HDTVs offer high resolution output, and playing standard definition DVDs on an HDTV generally looks bad. Having a DVD or Blu-Ray player that upconverts or upscales standard definition DVDs to 1080p will make watching them more enjoyable.

Full HDTV Resolution

HDTVs displays have over two million pixels (1080p), which is about six times more than standard definition displays.

Standard DVD Resolution

Standard DVDs have a set 480p output that is optimal for lower resolution displays.


Standard DVDs look distorted when viewing them on an HDTV because the higher resolutions can display more flaws and gaps in between the scanable lines of standard resolution sources.

HDMI Cables

HDMI cables are used by electronics manufacturers as a way to transfer digital 1080p signals.

Upconverting DVD and Blu-Ray Players

To clean up standard resolution DVDs on HDTVs, an upconverting DVD or Blu-Ray player is used to upscale 480 to 1080p over HDMI.